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Application Deputy Sheriff/Correction Officer


  1. 1. Personal Information
  2. 2. Educational Background
  3. 3. Driving History
  4. 4. Place of Residence
  5. 5. Military Service
  6. 6. Criminal History
  7. 7. Employment History
  8. 8. Credit History
  9. 9. References
  10. 10. Documents
  11. 11. Release of authorization
  • Personal Information

    1. Position applying for*
          Check one or both
        2. Instructions:
          Complete this application completely and accurately. All statements made in your application will be subject to verification. Note those questions that do not apply to you by writing "N.A." for "not applicable".
        3. List full names and their relationship to you
        4. Requested by County EEO / Affirmative Action Committee for Monitoring Programs.
        5. Are you a citizen of the United States? *
            1. Citizenship*
            2. Name, Relationship, Complete Address, Occupation
            3. Do you use narcotics or barbiturates?*
                1. Do you use alcohol habitually?*
                    1. Are you prone to bouts of dizziness, blackouts, or seizures which would render you incapacitated? *
                        1. Marital Status*
                        2. Are you living with your spouse currently? *
                            1. Are you currently paying alimony or child support?*
                                1. Name, Date of Birth, Place of Birth, Lives with, Town or Residence, Phone #
                                2. Are you now supporting all children listed above?*
                                    1. Have you ever been involved as a defendant in a paternity proceeding?*