I missed my court date. What will happen now?

It depends on the charge. If you were charged with a petty or business offense (such as Speeding, Operating an Uninsured Motor Vehicle or an Accident charge, for example), a judgment will likely have been entered against you and a fine assessed as prescribed by law. If you were charged with a misdemeanor offense (Driving on a Suspended License, Driving Under the Influence or Leaving the Scene of an Accident, for example) a warrant may have been issued for your arrest. On occasion, the court will refrain from issuing a warrant and instruct that you be otherwise contacted. Call the Peoria County Circuit Clerks Office at 309-672-6001 for information regarding the status of your case. If a warrant was issued, you may turn yourself in to the Peoria County Jail and post your bond. If you are unable to post bond, you will usually appear before the Court within 48 hours.

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5. I missed my court date. What will happen now?
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