What is the compliance procedure?
  • A payment conference is set up with the Compliance Officer to enter into an agreed monthly payment schedule. 
  • The Defendant must appear in person and fill out a financial affidavit with compliance staff. The compliance staff looks up all outstanding traffic fines or cost or restitution, etc. owed and the information is entered onto a payment agreement. 
  • The Defendant must sign the agreement acknowledging that he or she agrees to the payment plan set forth and the agreement becomes an order of the Circuit Court of the Tenth Judicial Circuit, Peoria County, Illinois. 
  • A follow-up review is set to review the Defendants ability to pay if initial payments were set at a low rate. 
  • Failure to pay as agreed or appear on any review date may result in the issuance of a court ordered summons, contempt proceedings, a warrant for arrest or any other remedy authorized by law and interest penalties up to 15%. 
  • The Defendant agrees to notify the Circuit Clerks Office, in writing, of any change in address or phone number within 5 days of such change.

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