Meet Coroner Jamie Harwood

Jamie Harwood, BSN, RN, CFN

Jamie Harwood

Jamie Harwood is the Coroner for Peoria County.  A 1997 graduate of Methodist School of Nursing and in 2018, Methodist College named Jamie Distinguished Alumnus of the Year, Jamie continues to give back to Methodist College, serving on the Board of Directors since 2020.  Jamie received his bachelor’s degree in Nursing from Penn State University in 2015, where he graduated with honors. 

Jamie is the former President of the Illinois Coroner and Medical Examiners Association of Illinois. He is Chairman of the Tri-County Death Review Board, and he is an active member of the Illinois Central College EMS Advisory Board; as a living kidney donor, Jamie is an active member of the Gift of Hope’s Community Life Saving Leaders and is a charter member of the Gift of Hope’s Coroner Advisory Board. 

In 2020, Jamie initiated and led a multidisciplinary effort with stakeholders in Peoria County and began the infant death prevention task force; this task force collaborated with like-minded professionals to identify high-risk and vulnerable babies who were at risk of dying before 1-year-of age due to research-based risk factors that contribute to unsafe sleep conditions. This effort connected moms and other caregivers to the many community resources available in our community to ensure safe sleep for their babies. To date, the Coroner’s office has provided over 30 pack-n-play crib/combos to mothers and their babies. 

In his free time, Jamie enjoys spending time with his family, Jonathan, his 22-year-old son, Hunter, his 19-year-old daughter, Hope, and his 5-year-old son, Jacob. He enjoys traveling and Penn State football and takes every opportunity he can for community education.  Having had a child protected by the PRC and the foster care system, Jamie’s family is incredibly excited to support the PRC and the mission of advocacy for children.