Where to start the eFILE process?

​1.) EFM – Electronic Filing Management System.

The Illinois Supreme Court has selected eFileIL (Tyler Technologies) to be the EFM for the State.

​ 2.)  EFSP – Electronic Filing System Providers. You as a filer have a choice in which of the certified EFSP's to use. Currently, there are 9 different approved vendors. These EFSP vendors are all integrated with the EFM. This means that you use the EFSP to file a document, the document goes to the EFM which then queues the document for filing with the Circuit Clerk's Office.

​ 3.​) The County Circuit Court Clerk. ​In Peoria County, the EFM is integrated with the Court Case Management System. The Circuit Clerk receives filings from the EFM in a queue in order to accept or reject the filings. When accepted or rejected the EFM sends the document back to your EFSP provider. County Circuit Court Clerks have no relationship or connectivity to the EFSPs.

​​Go to Peoria County eFile for information about electronic filings.