A Final Salute

Thousands of Peoria Area Citizens have served in the United States Military since World War II. In numerous wars and conflicts, Peoria's men and women have answered their country's call to service. And One Hundred and six Peoria County Citizens gave their lives in defense of Country during the Korean and Vietnam Wars. The Peoria County Veterans Memorial will be a fitting addition to the Peoria County Courthouse Plaza. It will be a place for visitors to reflect and reconnect with history. It will also provide a quiet place of peace and serenity; a fitting tribute to the Citizens of Peoria we wish to honor.


The design of the memorial will allow for a listing of the 106 names of the fallen from Peoria County during the Korean and Vietnam Wars. The memorial design will also allow additional names to be engraved if necessary - as well as providing a brief history of the many conflicts and wars from Korea to the present and beyond. The memorial will be guarded by four bronze statues of individual soldiers in a vision of soldiers on patrol. The memorial will be located on the center section of the courthouse plaza facing Adams Street, between the Soldiers and Sailors Monument and the World Wars I and II Memorial. (Please see attachments for further design information).

Supporting the Project

Why should the Peoria Area support the Veterans' Memorial Project? Thousands of Peoria area citizens served in the United States Military from the Korean War to the present. As such, the impact of these conflicts had a dramatic effect on Peoria County and its Citizens. Many Peoria Area Families were separated from their loved ones for great periods of time, as they left home to serve their Country. The greatest cost was the 106 Peoria County service members who would never return. Therefore, it is left to today's Citizens to ensure that their service and sacrifice does not go unrecognized.

Citizens from the entire Peoria Area will benefit from the Memorial's historic and symbolic attraction. Locating the Memorial within the Courthouse plaza, along memorial row, will provide citizens and visitors an opportunity to visit the Soldiers and Sailors Memorial, the World Wars I and II Memorial and the planned Peoria County Veterans Memorial, honoring all Peoria County Veterans from Korea to the present and beyond. This will provide a perfect setting to illustrate the area's role during these conflicts, as well as the gratitude Peoria County has shown its Veterans.

This is an excellent opportunity for those of us who reap the benefits from those who served: To show our appreciation and gratitude to all Peoria County Veterans. We trust that you will join us in this campaign of honor.

Peoria County Board Statement

The Peoria County Veterans' Memorial Committee is an official sub-committee of the Peoria County Board. The Internal Revenue Service considers the County of Peoria to be a qualified charitable organization under IRS Code Section: 170 (c) (1). Therefore, we understand that this is a charitable contribution for which you receive no direct benefit. However, you are advised to consult your tax professional for questions and tax deductibility.