The Patrol Division is the backbone of the Sheriff's Office. Newly commissioned deputies begin their law enforcement career in this division, after successfully completing the 560-hour Basic Law Enforcement Class at the University of Illinois' Police Training Institute. Upon graduating the police academy, new deputies also complete 14 weeks of field training.

Patrol Information

  • Six Lieutenants and 35 Deputies are assigned to the Patrol Division to provide police services 24 hours a day, seven days a week
  • Areas of police patrols and services include:
  • Unincorporated Peoria County
  • Municipalities, towns, and villages located within Peoria County
  • Contracted Police Service Districts

Other Responsibilities

Deputies may also be tasked with other assignments that require addition specialized training

  • Central Illinois Emergency Response Team (CIERT)
  • Illinois Law Enforcement Alarm System (ILEAS)
  • Traffic Accident Investigator (TAI)
  • School Resource Officers
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Highway Enforcement Awareness Team (HEAT)
  • Motorcycle Unit
  • ATV Unit
  • Bicycle Patrol
  • K9

More Information

Detectives and Crime Scene/Lab technicians are selected from the ranks of the patrol deputies.

Find information on how to apply for employment as a Peoria County Deputy Sheriff.