Victim Services

The Victim Services program provides assistance to victims of all violent crimes and their families by offering support dealing with the issues and problems that result from being a victim. Peoria County's Victim Service Coordinator is on-call for crimes of a serious or violent nature, including domestic violence or criminal sexual assault, when the injured party requires immediate medical treatment. The Victim Service Coordinator will respond with the investigating deputy to where the victim is being treated and will interview the victim and offer support and referrals.

In all other cases of a similar nature when immediate medical treatment is not necessary, the Coordinator will follow up with the victim and/or witness to gather any additional information or statements and relay that information to the State's Attorney's Office. The Coordinator can also provide referrals and notifications for services in any case that a responding deputy feels a person could benefit from the Coordinator's services. The Coordinator works with deputies and detectives to keep them updated on new laws and policies that pertain to victims and their rights.

Gathering Information

The Coordinator works with the State's Attorney's Office by helping to gather information needed for prosecution of a case. In addition, the Coordinator keeps victims apprised of any developments in their case and explains what to expect as the case progresses through the criminal justice system. The Coordinator also answers any questions a victim and/or witness may have regarding their case and provides appropriate referrals as needed. If the victim or witness so chooses, the Coordinator will attend criminal and/or civil cases.

The Victim Service Coordinator has informational handouts and brochures that pertain to several different violent crimes. These handouts explain how a victim can receive services through an advocate or how an advocate may assist them. The handouts also include referrals to different agencies, and directions, hours of business, and phone numbers of whom to contact at those agencies.

Un-Incorporated Areas

The Victim Services program covers the un-incorporated areas within Peoria County that fall under the jurisdiction of the Peoria County Sheriff's Office. In Peoria County, two other police agencies have a primary Victim/Witness Coordinator and our program currently serves as a backup to those agencies, the Peoria Police Department and Bartonville Police Department. We also have a working relationship with other law enforcement agencies in Peoria County that do not have a coordinator on staff, including the Peoria Heights Police Department, Chillicothe Police Department, Glasford Police Department, and Elmwood Police Department.