Ways & Means Committee

Regular Meetings

Last Wednesday of the month at 2 p.m. in Peoria County Courthouse, Room 402


  • Steven Rieker (Chairman)
  • Jennifer Groves Allison
  • James Fennell
  • Rachel Reliford
  • Phillip Salzer
  • William Watkins Jr.
  • Sharon Williams (Vice Chair)

Committee Overview & Responsibilities


The Ways and Means Committee considers matters concerning:

  • The finances and budget of Peoria County, including: 
    • Financial Management and Fiscal Policies
    • Purchasing and Contracting Policies
    • Revenues and Expenditures
  • Serving as the Audit Committee, including the following tasks: 
    • Receiving and reviewing the comprehensive annual financial report and the management letter 
    • Receiving internal audit reports from the county auditor
    • Recommending a public accounting firm to serve as an external auditor
  • The conduct of elections in the County. 
  • Related to public education and assistance for veterans in the County. 
  • Considering, reviewing, and recommending to the County Board an annual State and Federal legislative program; and, it shall receive regular reports from the County’s registered lobbyist on the status of the legislative program and other legislative developments affecting the County.

Offices Considered

The business of the following offices is considered by Ways and Means Committee:

  • County Auditor
  • County Clerk
  • County Treasurer
  • Finance Department
  • Regional Office of Education
  • Supervisor of Assessments

Liaison Entities

  • Board of Review
  • Peoria County Board of Election Commissioners
  • Veterans’ Assistance Commission