Build Responsibly

All development within the SFHA is required to obtain a floodplain development permit prior to starting development projects in a floodplain area.  Development in the SFHA is subject to additional building code and floodplain code requirements meant to reduce future flood risk and flood damages.  You will need to complete and submit a Floodplain Development Permit Application to the Planning & Zoning Department.

All development within the SFHA requires a floodplain development permit. Development includes but is not limited to: construction, repair, replacement, or addition to a building, filling, paving, demolition, storage, and clearing of land.

Requirements & Resources

View permitting requirements in the Peoria County Unified Development Ordinance Floodplain Development Regulations (PDF).

Save time and resources by contacting the Planning and Zoning Department to discuss requirements if you are considering making any alterations to your property in the floodplain.