Comprehensive Land Use Plan

The State of Illinois adopted the Local Land Resources Management Planning Act in 1985, which provided the authority for land planning at the county level. This Act encourages Illinois counties to adopt a land use plan and related policies and objectives. The Peoria County Board began the process of updating the County's 1992 Comprehensive Plan in 2007, and it was adopted in August 2009.

Goals & Policies

The Comprehensive Plan (PDF) describes a set of goals and policies developed by Peoria County to accommodate future growth. The plan centers upon three themes which were identified with public input. The themes are agricultural preservation, environmental stewardship and smart growth. The plan includes a service delivery study and market study in addition to demographic data. A future land use form map was developed and is used in conjunction with the future land use matrix to guide future land use decisions for properties in the county.

A copy of the plan is also available in the Planning & Zoning Department.