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The 2024 Roof Program Winners have been selected!

The following applicant ID numbers will receive assistance:

  • 30007

  • 30038

  • 30043

  • 30053

  • 30056

Selected applicants will be receiving a letter regarding lottery selection and next steps. Please also expect a phone call in the next few days to schedule an appointment with Peoria County Planning and Zoning to determine the full scope of work.

If your application did not meet program qualifications, make sure to check Peoria County’s website for updates on future programs.

If your application did not meet program qualifications due to being located within the City of Peoria, please check in with the City’s Community Development Department to inquire about eligible roofing programs in your area.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the program!

Appointments are encouraged for all zoning related services.

To ensure the purpose of your visit can be adequately addressed, please call 309-672-6915, in advance, to schedule an appointment.

Please read below regarding how service delivery has changed in Planning & Zoning.

Building permits are now accepted digitally. All digital submittals may be emailed to  A building permit application must be submitted along with the rest of the submittal requirements for your project.  To find out what kind of information is applicable to your particular project and to fill out an application, please select “Permits” from the menu on the left and continue to follow those guidelines along with the digital submittal guidelines referenced above. Incomplete submittals will not be sent for plan review.  Please note that digital plans must be readable/clear for plan review to take place.  Plans will then need to be reviewed and approved before a permit can be issued.   

Building permits will continue to be accepted over the counter. Scheduling an appointment will allow both you and our staff to help you feel confident that the person you need to see will be available.  

Most major credit cards are now accepted, both in-person and over-the-phone. A 3% service charge will be added to all credit card transactions. Please be advised that the cardholders name, card number, 3-digit CVV, billing address, zip code, and card expiration date are required for over-the-phone payments. Copies of permits and receipts will be sent digitally to the billing contacts email address. 

For more information, or to schedule an appointment, please contact the office by calling 309-672-6915 from 8:30-4:30 Monday-Friday.

For more information regarding permitting, click here to go to the Permits page.

For more information regarding inspections, click here to go to the Building Inspections page.

Peoria County Planning and Zoning serves unincorporated properties in Peoria County.

We the members of Peoria County's Planning and Zoning Department agree to properly manage and preserve the County's land resources for the future, to preserve agricultural land and environmentally sensitive areas in order to maintain the rural character, history, and tradition of the county, to protect the rights of landholders and the general welfare of the community by monitoring and directing growth through the implementation of the county's land use plans and ordinances; and to facilitate a partnership with the community by encouraging public involvement and providing efficient and effective services.  

If you are working with a specific member of our staff on a project, or if you have specific questions about your project/issue, please call the office to set up a time to meet with someone to ensure that they will be available when you arrive.  This will ensure that the appropriate person(s) will be available to discuss your project/issue.