Certified Payroll

Work that qualifies under the Prevailing Wage Act for a Public Works activity in Peoria County requires a certified payroll and signed and dated certification form. This certified payroll is in accordance with the Department of Labor (other certified payrolls exist for differing reasons).

Department of Labor

Vendors may access the Department of Labor (DOL) example form (PDF), as well as information about the Act, requirements, DOL rates, etc. The Peoria County Board recently approved a change to the Peoria County Prevailing Wage Ordinance, which allows aggregate reporting of fringe benefits; however, base hourly salary requirements must be met as per the DOL published rates for that time period and may not be reduced due to additional amounts paid in fringe benefits.

Vendors must identify the craft, as well as the status, of the worker (e.g., Electrician - JM; Electrician-Apprentice; Electrician-Foreman). If an Apprentice provides work, a copy of the hourly salary provided by the Program Sponsor is sufficient to identify an amount that will be different from the Department of Labor base hourly salary.

Claim Copy

Private information is required regarding employees on a certified payroll; to maintain confidentiality, vendors are requested to send the certified payroll and signed certification form with a copy of the Claim (clearly marked "COPY") direct to the Peoria County Auditor. Vendors may determine which means to use:

Original Claim

The actual Claim will continue to be sent by the vendor to the Department placing the order, clearly marked "Certified Payroll sent to Peoria County Auditor." When the original Claim approved by that Department is received by the Auditor, the copy of the Claim and Certified Payroll previously sent will be matched and processed.

Prevailing Wage Audit

This will allow us to have the Prevailing Wage Audit performed, any discrepancies noted and addressed, and - we hope - be ready for payment upon receipt of the approved Claim - as well as provide notice of an outstanding claim and protect personal information in the Certified Payroll. If you have any questions about the Prevailing Wage audit, please contact us at 309-672-6006 or email the County Auditor.