Rehome Your Pet

In an effort to save more lives, we assist pet owners by providing resources that they may need to keep their pet OR help them rehome their pet without ever having to come to the shelter.

Need help with food for your pet?  CLICK HERE!

Need help with Veterinary care?  CLICK HERE!

Need help finding a place to rent that allows pets?  CLICK HERE!

Need help with low cost spay and neuter?  CLICK HERE!

Need help with dog behavior problems? CLICK HERE!

 Have an issue not listed here - give our team a call at (309) 672-2440


If you decide that ultimately you need to rehome your pet here are the steps you should follow:

          1. Post your pet on Adopt-a-pet 

This free, easy resource allows your pet to stay in your home and out of the shelter while you find a new, loving owner

Find your pet a home with Opens in new window

Click HERE to learn more about rehoming your pet!

2. Reach out to friends or family

You might be able to find a loving home for your pet with someone you know!

3. As your veterinarian, church, and local businesses if you can hang rehoming flyers


If you’ve exhausted all efforts to rehome your pet - Peoria County Animal Protection Services accepts owned animals.  Call us for details: (309) 672-2440