Peoria County Facilities - Reopening and Entry Guidelines

Peoria County Government facilities reopened to the public on Monday, June 1, 2020. New protocols and procedures have been put in place.

Facilities opening at 50% capacity include the Peoria County Courthouse, Peoria County Sheriff’s Office/Jail, Peoria City/County Health Department, Peoria County Highway Department, Peoria County Election Commission, Veterans Assistance Commission, and Children’s Advocacy Center. Peoria County Animal Protection Services will reopen to the public by appointment only. The Juvenile Detention Center will reopen for visitation purposes.

Residents are strongly encouraged to continue utilizing phone, email, and web-based communication to conduct their business whenever possible. Please see individual department pages on our website for direct contact information, or visit for Tenth Judicial Circuit Court information.

Specific guidelines for individual facilities are available in the PDF documents below. The public is urged to view individual facility plans for details on what employees are doing to prepare, as well as what is expected from visitors, vendors, and customers entering each facility.

Universal procedures that will be used across the organization are outlined below:

Face Coverings

  • All employees, customers, clients, and visitors shall wear a face covering at all times, unless there is a documented medical reason causing them not to be able to.
  • All customers, clients, and visitors to Peoria County facilities need to provide their own face covering while in a Peoria County Facility.
  • All persons, adult and juvenile, in the custody of law enforcement shall abide by the protocols set forth by the Peoria County Sheriff’s Office (adults) and the Tenth Judicial Circuit (juveniles).

Social Distancing

  • All persons are to maintain a minimum of six feet (6’) of separation between others wherever possible (unless barriers such as plexiglass have been erected) to minimize contact between persons.

Health Screenings and Identification

  • All persons entering a facility or while within a facility may be subject to a health screening.
  • All persons entering a facility may be subject to the collection of their name and other contact information for the purpose of the Peoria City/County Health Department being able to conduct contact tracing in the event of an outbreak in any county facility.

Personal Hygiene

  • All persons entering a facility are expected to adhere to proper personal hygiene to limit the spread of disease. 
  • Individuals are expected to wash their hands regularly to reduce the rate of transmission. Hand sanitizer will be available for use.
  • Individuals should cover their cough or sneeze with a tissue and properly dispose of it.

Vulnerable Populations

  • Individuals that are considered part of a vulnerable population due to age, comorbidities, or compromised immune systems are asked to conduct their county business as electronically as possible and avoid Peoria County Government facilities unless absolutely necessary.
  • Peoria County Government will work to facilitate options for individuals needing to conduct business with the county.

Signage and Education

  • All Peoria County Government facilities should post health, personal hygiene, and face-covering signage.
  • Materials should be available in English and Spanish.

Guidelines set forth by the Tenth Judicial Circuit Court were released last week and are included below.

Full Reopening Document