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Auditor: Transparency Portal

Peoria County, IL


A goal of the Peoria County Board, increased transparency, has long been a written objective in the Peoria County Strategic Plan.  We have added one more layer to the effort through the inclusion of a Financial Transparency Portal.

To make it easier for the Citizen, our landing page will have hyperlinks to take you to different sites when you click on the desired button.  The 'Checkbook' button will take the viewer to the Auditor's site to view expenditures in Accounts Payable; the 'Budget and Finance' button will take the viewer to the Finance Department to view data regarding budgets, external audits, and other financial reports.

Partnering with OpenGov, we have developed a site that will allow Citizens increased access to our finances. Accounts Payable data (checkbook on-line) describing what we buy, with whom, for how much, by what Department or Office (Accounts Payable, only) can be accessed by clicking on the 'checkbook', maintained through the Auditor's Office.  Charts, graphs, data, and the ability to download to a .csv spreadsheet are features that are available.  Questions about expenditures should be directed to the Department/Office incurring the expense; questions about the website should be directed to the Auditor.

This new level of transparency is provided by Peoria County to give our Citizens an interactive way to learn more about County expenditures.  

Transaction Graph Report


  • These reports contain unaudited information
  • Amounts may be subject to prior or future accounting adjustments or reclassifications
  • Vendor's names may be abbreviated to fit the space allowed
  • Some information that is not appropriate for release will be redacted (e.g., HIPPA laws, privacy, account numbers, etc.)
  • These reports contain information about expenditures subject to Peoria County Board budgetary appropriation (paid through Peoria County Accounts Payable).
  • These reports contain information regarding checks issued through the Peoria County Accounts Payable Financial System.  Any checks, electronic fund transfers, or other financial actions not issued through this system are not reflected.

Citizen HOW TO Guide for the Check Book ON-LINE (graphical displays under FAQs)

The Transactions Report will allow you to explore individual transactions in a simple user interface.  The main view includes a grid with various controls to view all or individual expenses, and a graphical visualization above.  The visualization will show total amounts, grouped by year.  You are able to control the breakdown of the visualization in the "Broken down by" menu.  You can change the graph type with the legend in the top right corner and chose between a bar graph, pie graph, tree map or horizontal stacked chart.

There is a search bar located at the top of the screen.  This search bar allows you to search for any test across the grid.  There are many ways to apply filters to the grid data. You may use the Filter panel located to the left of the report. You can also click on the filter icon for a specific column to apply a filter.

You can share any grid view via social media or through email. 

After you have filtered your information and have what you want to look at, you can go to a full screen by downloading a .csv spreadsheet, where commonly-used features will allow you to analyze expenditures in appropriate software, such as Windows Excel.

Commonly-asked questions

  1. How can I navigate this website? 
  2. Can I just enter the name of a vendor/department? 
  3. I want to look at the transactions - not a chart.  How do I get that data and download it?
  4. Can I just enter the encompassing dates at which I want to look?
  5. Other FAQs
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