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Supervisor of Assessments: BOR Assessment Complaints

SUGGESTION: It is strongly recommended that the taxpayer discuss his/her assessment with the Township Assessor prior to the filing of a complaint with the Board of Review. If, after talking with the township assessor, the taxpayer still wishes to pursue a formal complaint, he/she needs to familiarize themselves with the Rules governing hearings before the Peoria County Board of Review. However, the 30 day time limit for filing from the date of publication will not be changed to allow for discussing the assessment with the township assessor.


The window of time for filing 2016 assessment complaints will be June 1st until 30 days from the date that your township publishes it's changes in the newspaper. The 2016 filing deadline is September 20th, 2016.

The Filing Schedule is updated periodically throughout the tax cycle year.

Step 1: Download the Assessment Complaint Packet that applied to the property you are filing on:

Each packet contains the rules governing the complaint process, a copy of the Assessment Complaint Form, and the schedule that applies to the property you are filing on.

  • Residential Assessment Complaint Packet
  • Commercial Assessment Complaint Packet
  • Duplex Assessment Complaint Packet
  • Industrial Assessment Complaint Packet
  • Farmland Assessment Complaint Packet

Step 2: Read through the Rules section of the packet governing the complaint process. (Please read these rules before proceeding to step 3)

Step 3: Fill out the Assessment Complaint Form section of the Assessment Complaint Packet.

Before you fill out this complaint form, please note that it is not a tax protest. It is the job of the Board of Review to ensure that all property in Peoria County is assessed at 1/3 its market value. Once a Board of Review decision is rendered, we will not estimate your taxes for your next bill, nor will there be a refund on the present bill. This assessment complaint will affect your current assessed valuation for the taxes to be rendered next year.

Step 4: Fill out the Schedule section of the Assessment Complaint Form and attach the required documentation.

Step 5: Submit your signed and dated complaint and schedule forms.

You can come to the courthouse in person, or if you wish to mail in your assessment complaint we will return a copy to you as your receipt. Once these forms are submitted to our office, you will be notified by mail as to the date and time of your hearing. Our mailing address is:

Board of Review of Assessments
Peoria County Courthouse, Room 301
324 Main Street
Peoria, IL 61602

Step 6: Attend your hearing.

If you are unable to attend your hearing, your case will be decided based upon the information available at the time of filing. Hearings cannot be rescheduled.

Assessment complaints will be accepted each year from June 1st until 30 days from the date the Supervisor of Assessment's office publishes the current year assessment changes in your local newspaper for your township.

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